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Response of Grass to Chemical Fertilizers Research Paper

Reaction of Grass to Chemical Fertilizers - Research Paper Example Try not to place any manure in pot E-1, 2 and 3 (Control). 6. Spot all pots in lit territory 7. Water plants day by day around early afternoon or orchestrate programmed dribble water system framework 8. Measure plants around early afternoon at 10 days spans with ruler and record in scratch pad in units of millimeters for 50 days 9. Evacuate 5 plants haphazardly from each pot at 5 days stretch and record the stove dry load for 50 days. Perceptions/Results: The information were investigated by utilizing measurable strategy for trial of importance at 1% and/or 5% level of essentialness. In this test there are 5 medicines i.e 15-15-15, 46-0-0, 0-16-0, 0-0-60 and no manure (Control) were repeated threefold bringing about 15 exploratory units (pots).The configuration required is Completely Randomized Design (CRD). Table-1: Grass stature (mm) at 10 DAS as influenced by sorts of substance manures. Replications Medicines Replication All out Mean I II III 15-15-15 16 15 17 48 16 46-0-0 11 13 11 35 11.7 0-16-0 10 9 10 29 9.7 0-60-0 10 11 10 31 10.3 Control (No compost) 9 10 8 27 9 All out 56 58 56 170 11.33 NB: DAS-Days subsequent to planting Like insightful all information for next dates recording grass tallness for example at 20DAS, 30DAS, 40DAS lastly 50DAS were broke down by utilizing CRD. At that point the F esteem in ANOVA table is contrasted and the table worth and afterward the criticalness is estimated at 1% and/or 5% level. At last the plant statures for all dates of perception are orchestrated in a solitary table for result conversation and end. Table-6: Grass tallness (mm) as influenced by compost types at 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50DAS DAS Medicines 10 20 30 40 50 15-15-15 16 25 38 48 56 46-0-0 11.7 16.3 19.6 24.5 29.2 0-16-0 9.7 12.9 14.8 15.9 18.6 0-0-60 10.3 13.4 15.3 18.3 19.5 Control (No manure) 9 11.4 13.5 14.6 19.1 Disc... The information were broke down by utilizing factual technique for trial of centrality at 1% and/or 5% level of hugeness. In this examination there are 5 medicines i.e 15-15-15, 46-0-0, 0-16-0, 0-0-60 and no manure (Control) were duplicated threefold bringing about 15 trial units (pots).The configuration required is Completely Randomized Design (CRD). Like shrewd all information for next dates recording grass tallness for example at 20DAS, 30DAS, 40DAS lastly 50DAS were dissected by utilizing CRD. At that point the F esteem in ANOVA table is contrasted and the table worth and afterward the centrality is estimated at 1% and/or 5% level. On the off chance that the mean contrast between 5 medicines was more than the CD, at that point the use of concoction manure didn't have any critical impact on the grass tallness and they were at standard with one another. On the off chance that the distinction surpasses the CD esteem, at that point the medicines were unique in relation to one another or as it were the use of compost was having noteworthy impact on the grass stature and dry issue amassing. My unique theory was that use of concoction compost (15-15-15) to soil would be better over the control. My outcomes indicated that use of concoction manure was having noteworthy impact on the grass tallness and dry issue amassing over a similar time of development.

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Food Insecurity Projects Conducted by the Following Organizations Research Paper

Food Insecurity Projects Conducted by the Following Organizations - Research Paper Example This is by empowering the structure of stores for surplus food. The exhortation they offer goes far in advancing comprehension between the nations these associations originate from, and the nations being offered help (Kracht and Schulz 194). As innumerable quantities of associations come up, it is basic to take note of the jobs a large portion of them play in destroying food uncertainty, and the development of undertakings to ensure the food numerous nations store. This paper will inspect various such associations, and the job they play in combatting the food frailties experienced in many pieces of the world. Additionally, how the world is responding toward these organizations’ contribution in the greater part of their exercises. It is a division of the United Nations that tries to address world wellbeing and issues that influence it. The ascent in number of activities in numerous pieces of the world to address food frailty is a piece of the key rules that it is run on, since the time its beginning. One of the numerous reactions that it is covering as a universal association is to address the issue of grain costs (Smith and Alderman 178). In Australia, the WHO is tending to the predicament of minority bunches in Australia. A portion of the indigenous gatherings face issues with the inaccessibility of nutritious food. The WHO is offering these gatherings training as a portion of the ventures it is embraced in the area (Smith and Alderman 190). Makers and wholesalers are asked to discard surplus food by the association through the food banks present. It is one of the principle associations that helps run driving food programs on the planet. It is answerable for guaranteeing numerous countries are accepting the merited consideration with regards to supporting, solid food. This is to battle the quantity of undernourished people, on the planet, and patch the food circumstances in most extended zones (Kracht and Schulz 199). There are essential

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Essay Examples and How to Apply Them

Essay Examples and How to Apply ThemAn ITIL gre issue essay is an advanced level document. It gives emphasis on key business and technical information that must be fully understood. The documents have specific format and rules, which must be followed strictly to avoid any discrepancies. A crucial aspect of the document is the introduction of the content.There are several ITIL essay examples available for examination. Most of them are written by experienced professionals and they reflect on some of the most common issues. Essay examples will give you a clear understanding of the problem. However, it is important to look beyond this and comprehend why the essay was developed. The most significant part of the essay is the body of the document, which will tell you why the issue was mentioned in the document.Although you may find ITIL essay examples, you should never copy and paste them into your document. If you do so, you will be committing the same mistake that most of the professional s commit. You need to consider it a learning experience and gain some important insights from it.In order to gain a clear understanding of the ITIL essay examples, you must follow these tips. You need to create a preliminary outline of the document, which will help you in staying within the prescribed parameters. You can make use of a free online outline software, which is available on the internet.You must then come up with a rough draft of the document, which will help you in highlighting problems and solutions. Make sure that all the sections are implemented and explained well, without any obvious problems. You must also eliminate the unnecessary details.It is necessary to try and create an error-proof document that is filled with all the necessary content. You can also incorporate your ideas but ensure that the basic idea is there. Make sure that you choose the content that is written with precision and knowledge.Ensure that the essay examples you use are of high quality. A simp le mistake can make a difference between a good document and a bad one. Make sure that the chosen essay examples are well formatted and are well documented, to avoid any possible future problems.Prior to creating the document, you must keep in mind the major objectives and targets that are listed in the document. This will help you in making the right decisions regarding the content, which will help in creating the outline. Ensure that the objectives are clearly stated in the introduction section of the document. In addition, ensure that all the parts of the document are clearly mentioned in the body of the document.

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Canada s New Laws Regarding Doctor Assisted Suicide

According to the Criminal Code of Canada, physician-assisted suicide is illegal in Canada. However, due to the changing minds of Canadians and their values over a course of time, Canada created new laws that directed the act of assisted suicide by a physician. However, it is an ongoing debate whether these laws are problematic or beneficial. Canada’s new laws regarding doctor-assisted suicide are effective because patients can die with dignity, there are benefits to the healthcare system and there will be less emotional turmoil for patients and their families. To begin, patients can die with dignity. Dying with dignity is the philosophical concept that a terminally ill individual should be allowed to die naturally and comfortably instead of experiencing a life of deep unconsciousness prolonged by mechanical support systems. (Death with Dignity) In 1993, Sue Rodriguez, a sufferer of ALS, believed that the time and manner of her death should not be determined by her illness or b y the law. She expressed that it should be legal for a physician to end her life for her at a time she has chosen. (Fenton) Rodriguez took her case to the Supreme Court of British Columbia, she argued that Section 241(b) of the Criminal Code, everyone who aids or abets a person in committing suicide commits an indictable offence, violates her rights in the Charter under Section 7, that everyone has the right to life, liberty, and security, 12, that everyone has the right not to be subjected to anyShow MoreRelatedThe Ethical Dilemmas Of Euthanasia Essay1638 Words   |  7 PagesThe Ethical Dilemmas of Euthanasia in Canada with the Legalization of Physician-Assisted Suicide This systematic analysis of the professional literature will explore the ethical dilemmas that Canadian medical professionals face while considering euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide, the latter of which was made legal in Canada on June 17, 2016 (Chochinov and Frazee, 2016). This paper will discusses the conflicts that healthcare professionals are faced with when looking at the quality of lifeRead MoreThe Legalization Of Physician Assisted Death1173 Words   |  5 Pages The idea of committing euthanasia and physician- assisted suicide (PAS) had a historical root in the nineteenth century and referred as skillful alleviation of suffering1 in Latin transcripts. Recently the theme of the legalization of physician-assisted death (PAD) in Canada boosted in 2012. The decision of the British Columbia Supreme Court in the case of Carter v. Canada (Attorney General) was the threshold of the theme. It ruled that the Canadian Criminal Code 2 prohibition against PADRead MoreThe Eth ical Dilemmas Of Euthanasia Essay2007 Words   |  9 Pageseuthanasia and PAS that have arisen in Canada since its legalization. This Literature Review is organized into six sub-categories: (1) the law (2) medical issues (3) patient capacity and autonomy (4) expenditures: palliative care vs. assisted suicide (5) family (6) ethics. This review will offer a foundational understanding of the practices of euthanasia and PAS and defining the various dilemmas that have arisen for medical professionals under the new Canadian law. The literature gives the acronym forRead MoreShould Euthanasia or Assisted Suicide Be Legalized in Canada?1486 Words   |  6 Pagesunwanted medical treatments. The question that remains today is whether legalizing active euthanasia in Canada could either benefit or harm not only the individuals involved, but also society as a whole. Pro-euthanasia people portray euthanasia as a case of individual liberty. The individual has their own right to do as they wish with their own bodies so long as it does not harm others. Laws against euthanasia are not only unjust because they violate individual privacy, but they are also unconscionableRead MoreEuthanasia in Canada1988 Words   |  8 Pagesin Canada: Issues and Arguments Intro To Criminology 1150-005 Word Count - 1657 1 Euthanasia in Canada has been a big issue, both morally and politically in Canada over the past couple years. Different groups argue that euthanasia is a basic human right, whereas opposing groups argue contradictory to that, saying it is not. There have been quite a few legal battles over the right of euthanasia due to this difference in views in Canada -RodriguezRead MoreThe Separation Of The Two Stances Lie1284 Words   |  6 Pagesalso either forbid suicide or perceive it to be a grave sin, the Hindu belief even regards killing oneself as serious of a crime as killing another person (Friedman). If PAS were legalized, a large amount of religious followers would protest and cause social unrest to defend their beliefs. In Canada, new guidelines from the Catholic Bishops of Alberta and the Northwest Territories encourage priests to â€Å"consider refusing funerals for people who have chosen physician assisted death because [suchRead MoreThe Canadian Medical Association Defines P hysician Assisted Death2317 Words   |  10 PagesMedical Association defines physician-assisted death (PAD) as â€Å"[when] a physician knowingly and intentionally provides a person with the knowledge and/or means required to end their own lives†¦Ã¢â‚¬ . (A, p29) In Canada, suicide has been legal for years, but euthanasia and physician-assisted death have only recently been decriminalized in a court of law. However, until 2016, PAD can still be charged as â€Å"culpable homicide† under section 222 and 229 of the Criminal Code of Canada. (B,K) The specifics of the debateRead MoreThe Principle Of Respect For Patient Autonomy Essay2130 Words   |  9 Pageswould submit to a patient’s request for an assisted death stated that respect for the patient’s autonomy was important in their decision-making (Fried, Stein, O’Sullivan, Brock, Novack, 1993). Physicians who would not comply with a patient’s request for an assisted death agreed that resp ect for autonomy was significant but instead citing other factors such as ethical and legal concerns (Fried et al., 1993). Expenditures Before the passing of the new law, gravely ill Canadians were forced to travelRead MoreUtilitarianism : The Morally Right Action1194 Words   |  5 Pagesmeasured through feelings, or any other activities. According to the article written by Nordqvist, Christian Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide. In medical news today, the English medical word â€Å"euthanasia† originates from the Greek word eu meaning â€Å"good,† and the Greek word thanatos meaning â€Å"death .† He also points out that, â€Å"Euthanasia† is commonly known as assisted suicide by medical professionals, or an intentionally ending individual life to minimize overall suffering or pain. In the UK, it isRead MoreAssisted Suicide Should Be Legal2030 Words   |  9 PagesAssisted suicide is the intentional termination of life by another at the explicit request of the fully aware patient who dies. Assisted suicide should be legalized in Canada, and the world at large. The topic of Assisted Suicide has more recently become a controversial topic being debated around the world. According to the new health guide website last updated this month, Assisted Suicide is legal in only 11 countries. A survey ta ken by dying with was answered by 80% of citisens all

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Role Of A Human Resources Department Essay - 930 Words

Role and Function of a Human Resources Department In today’s work environment, organizations are continually seeking an advantage over the competition. One resource to assist with this ambition is to utilize the human resources (HR) department as a strategic partner in the micro and macro planning of the organization. This paper will define the role and function while distinguishing the duties and responsibilities of an effective HR department. Background Ellard Williams, Incorporated (EWI) is a manufacturing firm employing nearly 11,300 workers (Colorado State University - Global Campus, n.d.). At this time, the firm is experiencing deficiencies in the HR department, which is leading to ineffective processes and a drop in profits throughout the organization. A strategic analysis revealed a slump in growth, high turnover rate, underpaid staff, and a loss in profits if all activities remain the same (n.d.). As a result of the unsuccessful HR department, employee motivation, performance, and productivity are suffering that is causing production delays and high defect rates (n.d.). Role and Function The HR professional’s function is more than shuffling through applications, inputting data, and providing reports. â€Å"Among HR roles, many authors argue that the â€Å"strategic role† is a pivotal one for HR professionals in today’s organization† (Mitchell et al, 2013, p. 900). What this means for HR professionals is they should participate in developmental and organizationalShow MoreRelatedRole Of A Human Resource Department984 Words   |  4 PagesRole and Function of a Human Resource Department Human resources (HR) are so much more than the traditional view of an administrative function within the organization. If properly developed and initiated HR can become a strong, strategic business partner. This paper looks at the purpose and role of human resources as a strategic partner as well as its impact on the responsibilities of an HR department. Purpose and Role As businesses evolve and grow so do the purpose and role of an HR departmentRead MoreThe Role of Human Resources Department613 Words   |  2 Pages The role of the human resources department is to maximize its expertise and knowledge to promote a diverse work environment that values service excellence, personal well being and professional development. Some of the functions of human resources are to stay compliant with labor laws, to recruit, hire and train the best-qualified people to do the job. Human resource planning is an important factor of the human resources department. It is the process of forecasting the supply and demand for humanRead MoreThe Role Of Human Resources Department At The Management Training Process1556 Words   |  7 Pagesunderstand the role of the Human Resources department in the management training process, there must first be an understanding of the origin and true intention of the implementation of such department. Many business professionals may be under the impression that Human Resources is a modern institution created around the industrial era made famous by the teaching and research of Dave Ulrich. To a certain extent this would be a correct assumption. There are multiple perceptions of the modern Human ResourcesRead MoreThe Role Of Traditional And Antiquated Function Of Any Human Resources Department1403 Words   |  6 Pagesfunction of any human resources department was to employ, terminate and event plan for companies. The emergence and expansion of human resources information systems (HRIS), places the human resources department on par with strategic management planning, and forays into competition. The HRIS system is not just the â€Å"composite of databases, computer applications, and hardware and software necessary to collect/record [Sic], store, manage, deliver, present, and manipulate data for human resources as espousedRead MoreHuman Resource Department : The Human Resources Department816 Words   |  4 Pagestalented employees. The human resources department has had an important role and underappreciated role in employee hiring and retention. Through the use of strategic human resource planning, human resources departments are able to benefit a company both directly and indirectly. A direct benefit of the human resources department is the support the department provides to line managers. Human resource department staff are available to provide support to line managers, but human resource staff should notRead MoreThe Importance Of A Good Human Resource Department1748 Words   |  7 PagesA good human resource department is essential to any successful businesses in today’s society. Before human resource managers were seen as people who deal with employee disputes and little more, now this is just one small part of their role to organisations. Human resource is a huge department for reasons as being a key planner in helping company’s employee performances. In this essay I will be exploring the different types of personnel management that is used, assessing the roles of human resourceRead MoreMicrosoft s Business Env ironment And How It Is Human Resource805 Words   |  4 Pages Microsoft’s Business Environment and how it relates to Human Resource According to Tech Target, Microsoft is one of the world’s most competitive and leading producers of computer software (Rouse, 2007). Initially the company was established in 1981 but their foundation can be rooted back to 1975 (Rouse, 2007). Microsoft’s organization has seven components of their structure. These components consist of value, major shareholders, employees, revenue, board of directors, advisors, and subsidiariesRead MoreHuman Resources Management1005 Words   |  4 PagesHuman resources management is the process of hiring and developing employees so that they become more valuable to the organization. Human Resource Management includes conducting job analyses, planning personnel needs, recruiting the right people for the job, orienting and training, managing wages and salaries, providing benefits and incentives, evaluating performance, resolving disputes, and communicating with all employees at all levels. Examples of core qualities of human res ources management areRead MoreFunctional Areas of Business1020 Words   |  5 Pagesbusiness are management, law, human resources management, leadership, accounting, finance, economics, research and statistics, operations management, marketing, and strategic planning. Although, all of the functional areas are essential to the success of a organization, two areas stand out as key to getting the business started and keeping it profitable, and they are human resources management and the accounting area (University of Phoenix, 2013). The Human Resources Management (HRM) area of businessRead MoreThe Role of Human Resource in Healthcare1011 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction Human resource department is significant in the health care industry. This is because it necessitates the delivery of quality health care from a consumer perspective, physicians, regulators, employees and payers. It is vital that human resources department gives room for working closely with all parties in the organization. This ensures that the health institution becomes successful. The department works closely with all employees to assist a person to understand their responsibilities

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Critique of Meindle’s Management and Leadership Styles

Case Analysis: Zelte USA By Kimberley Coleman Strayer University BUS 520 Critique Meindle’s management and leadership styles. Meindle’s approach to management resembles a hierarchal structure, with orders coming down from the top with very little upward communication. He didn’t pay much attention to individual personalities. Maintaining tight control over all company operations was the way Meindle managed Zelte. He refused to allow other sales representatives to contact the company’s largest customers. Meindle also meddled in the day to day operational activities of the company. For example, Meindle signed every purchase order, instead of letting the purchase manager sign for it. He reviewed every piece of mail that†¦show more content†¦The American subordinates felt technical incompetence. Meindle paid less attention to individual personalities. According to Daniel Workman, analyst of Germany’s management style, â€Å"they resist change. German managers have a strong aversion to risk and a superiority complex†. This compels to Germans to maintain t ight control of key management positions. What alternatives do the four managers have to solve the dilemma they face? †¢ Tom Williams – Finance manager, who is tired of fighting with his boss. Doesn’t speak German, never traveled to Germany. â€Å"Just live with it†. Doesn’t want to deal with making a decision, or ruffle any feathers. Tends to ignore what is going on and do nothing. †¢ Lloyd Forrest - Production manager, who wants to provide good service to the customer and make sure that the customers are satisfied. Lloyd appears to be one who sees the overall big picture. He may be able to point out to Meindle the mutual benefits of working together and compromising. †¢ Bob Holson – Sales manager, whose alternative option may lead to quitting the company. He is not enthusiastic to how the company is being run. His approach to this situation should be minimized discussion or expression of feelings or subjective elements unless Meindle appears to be open to this perspe ctive. Doesn’t speak German. Visit Germany briefly. †¢ Dan Offerman- Youngest member of the Zelte management team, who

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Analysis and Evaluation of A Cloud Computing Service Provider

Question: Discuss about the Analysis and Evaluation of a Cloud Computing Service Provider. Answer: The concept of cloud computing is used by various organizations to lower their operational costs. This is because the cloud computing service provider will be responsible for overseeing the delivery of services to the clients and as such the company has less to worry in terms of the hardware and software configurations and maintenance. However, this does not imply that all the delivery of the services is left to the cloud computing vendor and therefore, the company will be required to have the necessary requirements in place. Thus, a company will have to develop an effective strategy for moving its services to a cloud platform. The strategy should consider various factors including remote administration, resource management and the available cloud computing vendor SLA guidelines (Buyya, Yeo, Venugopal, 2008, p.98). The various factors to consider are discussed below. The concept of remote administration There are many definitions with regard to remote administration. However, the general explanation of remote administration is that it involves the process of configuring and controlling a computer system with the physical presence of the administrator. It therefore, implies that the computer system is managed and controlled from a different location from where it is located. The advancement of technology has led to the discovery of new inventions regarding remote administration and this has been accelerated by the increase in the number of software that are been developed around the world to help in managing computer systems from a distance. It is therefore necessary for DSI to have an effective remote administration system before launching its services. An effective remote administration system The remote administration system is a very vital component in an organization that is considering launching it services on a cloud computing platform. Thus, the management of DSI will have to ensure that there is a well set up and configured remote administration system before they can launch the Online Spatial delivery System (OSDS) on cloud computing platform. The system will be necessary especially where DSIs administrators need to ensure that the IT resources available on the cloud computing platform are effectively managed. For the remote administration to work effectively, the company should ensure that they have a well established internet connection between its systems and the cloud platform from the service provider. Connecting to the cloud computing platform will ensure that DSI can view how OSDS resources are utilized. In general, the remote administration system connects an organization to the cloud platform and thus they can be able to regulate their resources and servic es without their physical presence. Some of the tasks that DSIs administrator will be able to perform using the remote administration system include; DSI will set up and configure the OSDS services on the cloud DSIs administrator will be able to observe and evaluate the performance of OSDS The concept of resource management In an organization, there exists a variety of resources that are utilized to help in the operations of the company. These resources are what give an organization a competitive advantage and as such the resources need to be managed effectively for the organization to keep competing favorably. The resource could be in terms of raw materials, labor, or any other existing infrastructure. This, therefore, requires the management of DSI to have a well structured strategy that will ensure that the existing resources are well managed leading to the realization of the outlined goals and objectives. Also an organization should ensure that its resources are well utilized. DSI should consider the resource management system provided by the existing vendors before deciding on moving the OSDS services on the cloud computing platform. Well structured resource management system It is necessary for the cloud computing service provider to have a well structured system that will be used to coordinate the OSDS resources and services based on the terms of agreement that the service provider and DSI will have developed. It is necessary for the provided resource management system to incorporate virtual infrastructure machine (VIM) that will help in coordinating the various OSDS hardware resources (Patel, P., Ranabahu, Sheth, 2009, p.123). in general, the resource management system will be important to DSI as it will help in accomplishing the following task; It will facilitate the coordination of the various OSDS resources With a well structured resource management system, DSI will be able to implement the necessary OSDS user policies. Consideration of the available SLA guidelines For any organization that is considering outsourcing IT resources or service it is necessary to consider the SLA guidelines that are provided by the cloud vendor. These guidelines are what defines the relationship that the cloud service provider has with the client in this case, department of spatial information (DSI) that is, the SLA guidelines outlines the terms of contract that the between the service provider and DSI. The SLA guidelines may vary from vendor to vendor but the basic aspects that should be covered include; the terms of agreement, the duration of the contract, and the metrics that an organization can use to measure the performance of the services provided which includes the availability and the reliability of the services provided. Therefore, DSI should compare the SLA guidelines for different vendors so that it may choose on the one that is suitable for its OSDS services. In addition, DSI management should consider drafting some of the SLA requirements that it is looking for so that it becomes easier to select those that are almost similar to its expectations. Having a well structured SLA guidelines will ensure that the process of launching the OSDS services on a cloud computing platform is done in a professional way that I both satisfactory to the service provider and the client. This will, in turn, ensure that the OSDS does not experience frequent failures (Buyya, Yeo, Venugopal, 2008, p.145). The Concept of Backup and Disaster Recovery While using the cloud computing services, DSI should ensure that there are necessary measures and mechanisms to backup or recover the date in case of a system failure. This, therefore, implies that DSI will have to develop the necessary backup and disaster recovery plan for its Online Spatial Delivery System. A backup plan involves having a well outlined strategy that is used to archive data such that when the system fails the data is not destroyed or lost. Thus, DSI should ensure that they have a well structured strategy and the necessary facilities that will be used in case there is a system failure. Apart from having an effective backup plan, DSI should also develop a disaster recovery strategy which will be used to restore data after the system has failed due to the occurrence of unforeseen circumstance or natural disaster. Hence, with an effective recovery strategy, DSI can continue its operations in the event of a disaster occurring. Assessing the Effectiveness of the SLA using Erls guidelines There are various factors that an organization should consider before accepting on the SLA provisions of any given service provider. Based on the Erls guidelines an effective SLA provision should have the following aspects well outlined; Outline of the Business Policies The SLA provisions of any cloud computing service provider should give an outline of various policies which governs the relationship of the client and the service provider. The policies outlined will in many circumstances vary based on the nature of the business. The provisions can be based on the business services or products. In this case, the cloud service provider should clearly state their responsibility in ensuring that the OSDS services will reach the clients. The SLA should guarantee the delivery of service by the Cloud service provider After the cloud service provider has clearly outlined the responsibilities, the provider should be able to guarantee to the client through the SLA provisions that the services will be delivered effectively as required. In this case, the service provider should outline the measures to be used to assess its performance. The performance can be assessed by monitoring the availability and reliability of the service. The cloud service provider should also state on the measures to be taken in case the service provided does not meet the expectations of the client that is, DSI. SLA guideline should outline the Services offered According to Erls guidelines, the cloud service provider should vividly state the services that will be provided to DSI. Outline how governance and versioning is done The SLA guideline for any cloud service provider should clearly define the role of the cloud service provider and the client. Specifying the roles eliminates the aspect of confusing roles between the provider and he client. Have the necessary support mechanisms The SLA provided by any service provider need to outline the support mechanisms that the client will be provided with in case of the system failure or when the cloud computing platform is down. Thus, from the Erls guidelines outlined above, DSI should be careful while selecting a cloud computing vendor to ensure that the launch of OSDS is effective according to the management expectations. DSI should carefully scrutinize the vendors SLA guidelines to ensure that there are no loopholes that the provider can use to exploit the clients. Summary The evaluation above was carried out to assess various requirements and effectiveness of cloud computing platforms. The results of the assessment will be of great help to the Department of Spatial information (DSI) that is considering launching its Online Spatial Service Delivery (OSDS). It is observed from the assessment that before launching the OSDS service on a cloud platform, DSI should ensure that; The necessary technical requirements are met. This includes having an effective remote administration system, and resource management system. DSI should also effectively scrutinize the SLA provisions of the various vendors so as to be able to choose on the suitable vendor. Other factors that need to be considered are an effective backup and disaster recovery plan With the launch of the OSDS on a cloud computing platform, DSI will benefit greatly because; they will be able to lower their cost of operations, and ensure fast delivery of OSDS services to the clients. Despite of the cloud computing benefits, there are a lot of risks that are associated with the cloud computing platform including the risk of losing confidential information and operations of the business may be impaired where the cloud fails. References Amazon, E. C. (2015). Amazon web services. Available in: https://aws. amazon. com/es/ec2/(November 2012). Buyya, R., Yeo, C. S., Venugopal, S. (2008, September). Market-oriented cloud computing: Vision, hype, and reality for delivering it services as computing utilities. In High Performance Computing and Communications, 2008. HPCC'08. 10th IEEE International Conference on (pp. 5-13). Ieee. Casalicchio, E., Silvestri, L. (2013). Mechanisms for SLA provisioning in cloud-based service providers. Computer Networks, 57(3), 795-810. Liu, Y., Ngu, A. H., Zeng, L. Z. (2004, May). QoS computation and policing in dynamic web service selection. In Proceedings of the 13th international World Wide Web conference on Alternate track papers posters (pp. 66-73). ACM. Ercolani, G. (2013). Cloud Computing Services Potential Analysis. An integrated model for evaluating Software as a Service. Cloud Computing, 77-80. Patel, P., Ranabahu, A. H., Sheth, A. P. (2009). Service level agreement in cloud computing. Raimondi, F., Skene, J., Emmerich, W. (2008, November). Efficient online monitoring of web-service SLAs. In Proceedings of the 16th ACM SIGSOFT International Symposium on Foundations of software engineering (pp. 170-180). ACM. Subashini, S., Kavitha, V. (2011). A survey on security issues in service delivery models of cloud computing. Journal of network and computer applications, 34(1), 1-11. Terry, D. B., Prabhakaran, V., Kotla, R., Balakrishnan, M., Aguilera, M. K., Abu-Libdeh, H. (2013, November). Consistency-based service level agreements for cloud storage. In Proceedings of the Twenty-Fourth ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles (pp. 309-324). ACM. Younis, M. Y. A., Kifayat, K. (2013). Secure cloud computing for critical infrastructure: A survey. Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom, Tech. Rep. Zhang, Q., Cheng, L., Boutaba, R. (2010). Cloud computing: state-of-the-art and research challenges. Journal of internet services and applications, 1(1), 7-18. Zheng, Z., Lyu, M. R. (2012). Optimal fault tolerance strategy selection for web services. Web Service Composition and New Frameworks in Designing Semantics: Innovations: Innovations, 218.